What Does Joe Sugg Do On YouTube?

Are Zoe and Alfie still together 2020?

This has let them down.” Zoella and fellow YouTube star Alfie have been together for seven years since they started dating back in 2012.

They lived in Brighton before moving to Hassocks..

Who is the richest celebrity?

Top 50 Richest Celebrities#1. MacKenzie Scott Net Worth. $57 Billion. … #2. George Lucas Net Worth. $8 Billion. … #3. Steven Spielberg Net Worth. $7 Billion. … #4. Oprah Winfrey Net Worth. $3.5 Billion. … #5. Kanye West Net Worth. $3.2 Billion. … #6. Jami Gertz Net Worth. $3 Billion. … #7. The Kardashian Family Net Worth. $2 Billion. … #8. Paul McCartney Net Worth. $1.2 Billion.More items…

Are poppy deyes and Sean dating?

He and Poppy Deyes started dating in 2008.

Who is the richest UK YouTuber?

They’ve racked up a total estimated earnings of £52.4m in over a decade of YouTubing….The YouTubers who earn the most per video:Like Nastya £198,700.TheOdd1sOut £129,400.Lele Pons £121,500.Liza Koshy £102,400.Kids Diana Show £97,700.Collins Key £93,100.Toys and Little Gaby £68,800.James Charles £61,500.More items…•

Who are the highest paid influencers?

The top three on the list of highest-earning Instagram influencers were: Kylie Jenner – $1.2million per post. Ariana Grande – $966,000 (£773,340) per post. Cristiano Ronaldo – $975,000 (£780,487) per post, even though he is the most-followed person on Instagram, with 177 million followers.

What is Joe Sugg famous for?

Joe Sugg is famous for his Youtube channel ‘ThatcherJoe’ which has more than 8.2 million subscribers. He first started uploading videos online in November 2011 and just two short years later he had reached the one million subscriber mark.

Who is the richest kid?

These are the richest kids in the world as of 2020:Prince George Alexander Louis – $1 billion. … Phoebe Adele Gates – $1 billion. … Blue Ivy Carter – $1 billion. … Suri Cruise – $800 million. … Knox Jolie Pitt and Vivienne Jolie Pitt – $200 million. … Emme and Maxmilian Muniz – $200 million. … Dannielynn Birkhead – $59 million.More items…•

Are Louise and Zoe still friends 2020?

We can all calm down, Louise Pentland has reassured fans that she is still friends with the original British YouTube crew, which features the likes of Zoe Sugg and Marcus Butler, following rumours the group had drifted apart.

Who is Zoe Suggs dad?

Graham SuggZoe Sugg/Fathers

Is zoella rich?

YouTuber Zoe Sugg has topped a new list of the wealthiest female social media stars under 30 years old in the UK. She started her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ten years ago and it’s thought she now has an overall wealth of £4.7 million. Zoella has a whopping 9.7 million followers on Instagram.

How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?

1 million views — between $2,000 and $40,000 (5 creators)

Why did Gabby and Zoe fall out?

Despite Gabby’s claim that their was no major argument, things did get nasty on Twitter in March where she clashed with Zoe’s boyfriend and fellow vlogger Alfie Deyes. Deyes called Gaby immature as she slammed other vloggers as “disgusting” for joining pay-to-view app Vessel.

Who is the best British YouTuber?

Felix KjellbergPewDiePie. With more than 62 million subscribers, Felix Kjellberg — better known as PewDiePie — is not only the top British YouTuber, but also one of the most popular in the world. Originally from Sweden, he’s now making videos from Brighton.

How much does Joe Sugg make from YouTube?

He uploads around 1-2 videos per week and in a day the channel averages around 600,000 views. This will in turn generate an estimated revenue of around $1,100 per day ($400,000 a year). ThatcherJoeGames is another big channel owned by Sugg.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

1. Ryan Kaji. Nine-year-old Ryan Kaji was Forbes’ estimated top-earning YouTube star of 2020, bringing in an estimated $29.5 million and 12.2 billion between June 2019 and June 2020. His channel has 41.7 million subscribers.

Who is Diane off strictly dating?

Strictly Come Dancing star Dianne Buswell, 31, is due to return to the BBC show later this year. The Australian-born dancer and her boyfriend Joe Sugg, 29, confirmed their romance in 2018, after they competed together on the BBC dance programme.

Are Joe Suggs parents divorced?

He and the mother of his children, Tracey Sugg, would divorce.

What is Joe Suggs net worth?

Joe Sugg net worth salary and career earnings: Joe Sugg is an English internet personality who has a net worth of $8 million. Joe Sugg was born in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He is responsible for the YouTube channels ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeGames, and ThatcherJoeVlogs.