Question: How Do You Kill The Baby In Granny 2?

What’s the teddy bear for on Granny?

Teddy has a couple different functionalities in the game.

The first is that it allows you to hear Granny coming.

You can hear her heartbeat when she is near as long as you are holding Teddy.

The second functionality is to reveal a Slenderina Easter Egg in the game..

What do you need to start the helicopter in Granny?

The Helicopter requires a grand total of 10 items to escape with, being the Security Key, the 3 Painting Pieces, a Weapon (which can either be the Shotgun or Stun Gun), the Glass Fuse, the Duct Tape, the Gasoline Can, the Helicopter Manual and finally the Helicopter Key.

Where does the door handle go in Granny 2?

What is door handle in granny two. Door handle is a wheel like structure. You can use it to lift the iron bars before the escape door of granny.

How do you get out of the sewer in Granny?

This room is initially locked by a Red Switch on the door and this requires the Player to go to a Small Window at the side of the room and use a Tranquilizer Dart or Ammo to shoot it. When hit, the door will unlock.

What happens when you kill the baby in Granny?

Shooting the Child will make the grandparents’ eyes glow red and they will always know where the Player is, just like when they kill the pets or hold the Teddy in the original Granny game. The Water Monster also teams up with the Child to harm the player. This allows the Child to coexist with the monster peacefully.

How do you kill the spider in Granny?

You do this by grabbing the shotgun or tranquilizer gun and shooting at the red button near the spider crate. If you are successful, the wood plank above the crate slide down, trapping the spider.

How did Slendrina died in Granny?

Granny attempted to go into the place the castle used to be and found her granddaughter’s dead body holding a book. She grabbed the book and ran back to her house. She hid the teddy bear and the book and she took the spider and Angelene. Then she killed her self.

How many ways are there to escape Granny?

5 endingsAs of Version 1.5, there are 5 endings, the normal ending, the practice ending, secret ending, the secret practice ending, and alternate ending. The normal ending is played once the player escapes through the Main Door.

Why are Granny eyes white?

Because seriously, she needs to see a dentist really badly. She has two dead and white eyes with no pupils in them. Two rather chubby arms with small hands and long nails, one of those hands always having her bloody bat in it.

How do I get to the yard in Granny 2?

To access the Backyard, the Player can either climb through the Window in the Dining Room, or crawl through the Hidden Tunnel connecting the Hidden Room to the Shed. The door leading to the Backyard is always kept locked, and only Granny can use it.

How many ways can you escape Granny Chapter 2?

Good Endings (or Escape Endings) are the cutscenes shown after escaping the house in Granny: Chapter Two. Depending on the player’s choices and escape method, they will receive a different ending. Currently, there are 3 ways to beat the game: the Main Door and the Boat, And the helicopter.

How do you drain water in Granny 2?

The Water Stream can however be emptied of its water, making it safe to access, by closing the gate that allow the water to enter it; this can be done by rotating the Crank in the Underground Tunnel, after undoing the Screw placed on it.

Why does granny get red eyes?

While holding the Teddy, it will make Granny’s eyes glow red and she will always know the current location of the player until they drop the Teddy. If you’re hiding inside either a Cabinet, a Chest, the Car, or under a Bed, Granny will still know where you are and track you, ending in a jumpscare.

What happens if Granny sees Slendrina?

When Slendrina is summoned, the secret ending will play if the player escapes the house. The secret ending shows Granny sitting on the steps and holding the teddy while Slendrina is standing behind her, staring out into the forest.

Why is Granny bad?

It’s quite violent but very horrifying. The “Granny” is very scary and there are bear traps and bloody sceans. Pop ups where the “Granny” scares you can be very disturbing to young kids. The game is very hard to play because “Granny” is hard to escape from.

Can you pepper spray the spider in Granny?

The Pepper Spray works on neither the Spider nor the Crow.

Where is the spider room in Granny?

The Special Room is a room that was added in Version 1.5. It is a reasonably empty room at the top of the house, but it hides a very lethal hazard. A small cage in the corner is the home of the Spider, Granny’s pet, which is trained to bite the Player on sight.

How do you get rid of electricity in Granny 2?

Goto the 3rd floor and find hidden electric wire behind the picture on 3rd floor. Cut the wire and deactivate electricity. Use Crowbar to break the wood plate on electrified door. Use Padlock Key to unlock the padlock on electrified door.