Does Melafix Kill Beneficial Bacteria?

Will API General Cure kill beneficial bacteria?

API General Cure, Seachem Paraguard, and Tetra Parasite Guard do not kill BB.

Medication for gram positive bacteria like Erythromycin, Tetracyclines will kill BB.

Medication for gram negative bacteria (most fungus treatments) like Kanamycin, Minocycline, Nitrofurazone, and Furazolidone don’t kill BB..

Which is better Melafix or Pimafix?

Melafix is formulated to heal bacterial infections such as tail and fin rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and more while Pimafix quickly treats fungal and bacterial infections such as cottony growth, fin and tail rot and many more.

Does Melafix harm beneficial bacteria?

The basic premise is that the use of melafix causes ammonia spikes and since its an “antibiotic” that the ammonia spikes are cause by the adverse effects of melafix on the beneficial bacteria. In other words, it kills off a bunch of the beneficial bacteria–causing a spike in ammonia.

Can you use too much Melafix?

Too much of anything is bad, and Melafix is supposed to ‘stimulate slime coat production’, which I assume means it’s mildly irritating. Melafix is neutralized by light within 24 hours, so I’d just wait and let it work.

Is Melafix safe for all fish?

MELAFIX can be used with all marine fish. MELAFIX has been tested and found to be safe in reef aquariums containing invertebrates, such as live corals and anemones. Treating with MELAFIX will not harm the biological filter in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. MELAFIX is harmless to live aquarium plants.

What is Melafix good for?

API® MELAFIX fish remedy is an all-natural antibacterial treatment that works to treat infections in fish. Common bacterial infections are open wounds and abrasions, tail rot, eye cloud, and mouth fungus. MELAFIX fish remedy also promotes regrowth of damaged fins and tissue.

How quickly does Melafix work?

It really slows down the process. I suggest waiting 10-12 hours after treating with medication to do a water change each day. This allows the medication enough time to take effect. With my experience, I did a large water change, added the melafix, and waited the recommended 7 days to do another water change.

Can too much Melafix kill fish?

Melafix is useless and a waste of money, but it isn’t likely to kill. It doesn’t even kill the diseases it is supposed to. … If the symptoms were the result of a communicable disease, it may have ripped through the tank as soon as the unquarantined fish went in. It could be viral or bacterial – guppies are prone to both.

Is Melafix good for fin rot?

Although fin rot is prevalent, it is highly treatable. Medication such as Melafix and Aquarisol are usually added in the aquarium water to kill the bacteria that causes fin rot. The best method to treat Fin Rot is to kill the harmful bacteria in your aquarium with a product like Melafix.

How long does Fin Rot take to heal?

This depends on how bad the problem is to start with. By using King British Fin Rot & Fungus Control there should be an improvement in 4-5 days. Due to fish having open wounds it is very important to keep water quality pristine, to prevent secondary infection taking place.

Is Melafix an antibiotic?

Melafix (a proprietary name) is an all-natural aquarium antibiotic consisting of an essential oil from a tree in the Melaleuca genus.

How long does Pimafix take to work?

The duration of the treatment is specified on the product label and it can range between 5 and 7 days. On the 7th day it is recommended to do a 25% water change to remove some of the substance from the water.

Is API General Cure Safe?

General cure is very effective and easy to use for any level of aquarist. The medication is packed into individual doses (for 10 gallons of water) taking the guess work out of measuring. This product will treat up to 50 gallons and is safe to use with live plants.

How often should I use Melafix?

Repeat dose daily for seven days. Treatment may be continued if necessary. When treating an advanced or chronic infection: add two teaspoons of MelaFix for every 50 gallons or 1/4 cup for every 300 gallons of pond water.

Will Melafix hurt healthy fish?

Melafix works great on repairing fins, but will not kill a bacteria that might be causing fin rot. As such, it will not cure your fish (just help it along after the infection is over) but it also wont kill your beneficial bacteria.

Can you use Melafix and Pimafix at the same time?

Yes, using MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together is perfectly safe and is in fact recommended if treating stubborn infections. When using both MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together, use each at the normal recommended dose – there is no need to reduce the dose if using both of them.

Does aquarium salt kill beneficial bacteria?

Using aquarium salt in your freshwater tank can have a number of positive influences. At best, it is an inexpensive health care preventative, and one that does not harm the beneficial bacteria in your tank. Adding aquarium salt can:  Destroy many parasites, including ich, when added to the aquarium at levels up to .

How long does it take API general cure to work?

about 4-5 daysGen Cure took care of it in about 4-5 days, my fish put on weight and got more active. Pro Tip: Each Packet (there are 10) treats 10 gallons, but it can go a lot further if you mix it into a pellet fish food.